All You Need to Know about Screen Print and DTF Transfers

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 Whether you're deciding between screen printing and DTF transfers for your next project, or you're simply curious about these popular methods, this post is your one-stop resource. 

Discover the key differences, explore frequently asked questions, and unlock valuable insights to make informed choices for your designs. Let's embark on this creative journey together

What is the difference between screen printing and DTF transfers?

Screen Printing is all about pressing ink through a stencil onto fabric. It's great for big orders and simple designs, offering vibrant colors and long-lasting prints. Each color needs its own screen, so it's best for designs with fewer colors.

DTF (Direct to Film) Transfers involve printing a design onto a special film that's then transferred to fabric with heat. This method is awesome for small to medium orders and complex, colorful designs. It's flexible, detailed, and doesn't require multiple screens, making it cost-effective for varied designs.

Limitations on Fabrics? 

In the world of fabric and apparel customization, your creative potential knows no bounds. Everything is on the table. Screen print or Direct to Film (DTF) transfers? Both unlock endless possibilities.

Screen printing brings your designs to life with vibrant, lasting colors. Perfect for everything from custom tees to tote bags. It's all about making a statement that sticks.

DTF transfers, meanwhile, are the game-changers for detailed, full-color images. They deliver precision on any fabric, be it cotton, polyester, or blends. The result? Stunning designs that pop, no matter the material.

So, whether you're crafting a unique piece or producing en masse, these methods are your ticket to limitless creativity. Dive in and watch your visions become vivid realities.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Order your DTF Transfers with us—no minimum required. 

For screen print transfers, here's the deal: no minimums on premade designs, but for custom orders, we set a minimum of 6 per color, per size.

What type of artwork file is needed for custom orders? 

We make it easy to bring your designs to life by accepting a wide range of file types. Whether your artwork is in PNG, JPEG, SVG, or PDF format, we've got you covered. Each format ensures your designs are captured in high quality, ready to be transformed into stunning prints. Simply choose the best format for your project and let us handle the rest,

How many colors can I include in my screen print/DTF design?

When it comes to custom orders, the sky's the limit with colors. 

We don't believe in limitations, meaning we can create any color you need, in any quantity. Whether you're envisioning a specific shade or a vibrant spectrum, we're here to make it happen. 

Your projects can be as colorful and unique as your imagination allows, ensuring your prints stand out exactly the way you want them to.

What is the turnaround time for orders?

Our turnaround times are designed to meet your needs swiftly and efficiently. 

For custom DTF transfers, orders placed before 12:00 PM CST are processed the same day, while those placed after this time are processed the next day. 

Custom screen prints will be ready to ship out within 1-3 days. We offer a rush option to expedite your order. Just let us know, and we'll make sure your prints arrive when you need them.

And if you're in a hurry, all premade screen prints and DTF transfers are dispatched within 1 business day. Need your custom screen prints even faster? 


How do I submit an order?

Submitting an order is easy and convenient through our website. 

For custom orders, take advantage of our custom gang sheet builder. This unique tool allows you to fill up gang sheets with as many designs as you want, maximizing your order's efficiency and creativity. 

Just navigate to the custom order section, use the builder to arrange your designs, and submit. It's that simple to bring your custom projects to life with us.

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